On this episode of The Perfect Balance, I spoke with Todd Hammitt, owner of High Tech Gymnastics.

Not only do I bring my daughter to take classes at High Tech Gymnastics, I grew up visiting the gym too! Now, I coach here at my favorite sports gym.

Todd and his family have been in the gymnastic business since 1980. They have been coaching gymnasts for almost 40 years! His father had him doing gymnastics as soon as he began to walk! Since Todd was just 18 months old he began doing forward rolls and handstands. This is truly a lifelong passion for Todd.

He competed in gymnastics until he was 18 when he reached the U.S.A. junior elite level. Todd took over the family business in 2007. He wants to keep the business going and growing to spread his passion to the next generation as well as honor his father’s legacy.

At High Tech Gymnastics they offer both boys and girls gymnastics as well as tumbling classes.

In boy’s gymnastics classes, students will train on parallel bars, the horizontal bar, still rings, floor exercise, pommel horse, vault, and trampoline. For girl’s gymnastics, they follow the USA Gymnastics Program’s skills progression curriculum and include the uneven bars, balance beam, vault, floor exercise, and trampoline.

Tumbling classes focus on skills that can easily be incorporated into middle school and high school cheer routines or adapted to competitive cheer. Classes are taught on a competition size gymnastics spring floor, and trampolines are used as a training aid for advanced skills. So, if you have an aspiring cheerleader on your hands, this is the place to be!

Coach Todd and all the instructors at High Tech love watching the kids achieve. It is so fulfilling to see their excitement as they learn new skills. One additional benefits of this family-owned gym, is the individualized instruction they offer in such a fun environment.

Trust me, your kids won’t just hang around at High Tech Gymnastics, they will learn the value of hard work, self-control, and discipline all while getting exercise.

Go visit High Tech Gymnastics at the address below!

Visit the High Tech Gymnastics website for a full listing of classes.