Did you know there’s a group of basset hound owners that meet up right here in Austin? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, we’re heading to Round Rock Park to join a meetup of the Austin Basset Hounds, a social club for basset hound owners. We’ll chat with some of the owners to learn all about their pups’       fun personalities and adorable quirks.

All About Basset Hounds

Austin Basset Hounds’ group meets regularly at Round Rock Park to let their droopy-eyed dogs mingle. So what’s the best part of owning a basset hound? As one group member says, the best part is the undying sweetness. They’re always ready to cuddle, always ready for love, and are always happy to be with you.

Another basset hound owner, Lindsay, says her favorite part of owning a basset hound is that they look so cute—and they’re cute for life. Their personalities also add to the appeal, making them a great choice for a furry friend.

What It’s Like To Own One

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a basset hound owner, it might not always be sunshine. One family comments that it’s great if you don’t like being listened to. Everything’s filthy, but it’s okay because they’re so goofy and awesome that you don’t mind.

They also advise that you have to be real careful with your food and anything that’s chewable—because these pups will go for it. Frequently everything smells bad, and let’s not forget the hair; there’s always hair everywhere. Of course, you also can’t walk anywhere without tripping over them because they have to be there all the time.

Despite all these challenges, it’s absolutely great and rewarding. There’s no other dog with more personality, and they’re so goofy. One of the family’s hounds, Turbo Joe, has been stuck in his blankie. The other pup, Penny Blue, sits up on the couch and lounges with her elbow on the armrest. No matter what they’re up to, they can always make you laugh.

Exploring Dog-Friendly Austin

I hope you enjoyed getting a chance to meet some basset hounds and their people. As you can see, these goofy pups are a huge part of their owners’ lives. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities in Austin to get out and enjoy fun activities with your four-legged friends.

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