Are you looking for a fun way to enjoy the fall season while giving back to the community? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, we’re going to visit the charity Round Rock Pumpkin Patch. We’ll learn some fun pumpkin facts and give you a sneak peek of all the fun.

Welcome To The Patch

The charity Round Rock Pumpkin Patch is full of pumpkins and family fun. Here are three interesting facts about pumpkins.

First, although we often think of pumpkins as vegetables, they’re actually fruits. Next, each pumpkin contains about 500 seeds. Lastly, once they sprout, pumpkins take between 90 to 120 days to reach maturity.

Enjoy Your Holiday

I hope this gave you a glimpse of the Round Rock Pumpkin Patch. This pumpkin patch benefits local charities and is a great way to give back while having fall fun.

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