Are you wondering if bundling policies can offer you the best savings on insurance? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, I’m going to show you the best way to save money with Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers. I’ll talk with one of the owners, Justin Lawhorn, to learn all about the options that this Goosehead Insurance franchise can offer you.

All About Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers

Insurance isn’t the most exciting bill to pay. However, when you find ways to save money on your insurance needs, it’s a great feeling. Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers know the ins and outs of insurance, offering a wide range of products.

As an agency, they offer home, auto, boat, motorcycle, umbrella, life, and commercial insurance. Their doors have been open for 20 years, though they haven’t always been a huge insurance agency franchise. They started small with individual and group health insurance, joining forces with a good friend to open their franchise for the last 5-6 years.

Because they have so many carriers that they can access, Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers can tailor a policy to a person’s individual needs. If a customer is a first-time homebuyer, somebody that lives in the country, or if they have livestock, there’s a carrier for every situation. That allows them a lot of flexibility with the customer and whatever really fits their needs.

Giving Back

Justin has always been very passionate about giving back to the community. He grew up mostly in Round Rock, moving here when he was in 3rd grade. He went to elementary, middle, and high school here, so he’s invested in the community. Now, he’s in the Round Rock Lions Club and has also been a part of the Rotary Club and a few other service clubs.

He was initially introduced to the Lions Club by his great grandmother, who would take him to her Lions Club meetings in Temple, Texas. The meetings were attended by a bunch of older ladies, Justin says, and they would always hug on him and give him candy. It made a positive impression, but when he was invited to join as an adult, he usually turned the invitation down—especially because he was busy running his business.

He finally decided to join and now enjoys giving back by joining many of the Lions Club’s activities. The club supports many causes, including vision health and type 1 diabetes, and joins other organizations in supporting the Round Rock community.

Money-Saving Tips

Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers offers great savings on insurance. While most of us have been trained by TV and radio marketing that bundling your policies can get you a lower rate, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes that makes sense, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Our technology allows us to compare carriers side by side. When the same carrier is available, they’re sometimes able to give their clients a bundle discount. Many of the carriers that they work with, though, already give discounts as long as Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers agency is writing both the home and the auto insurance.

While people typically shop for insurance rates every year, Justin says that’s not always necessary. Rather, it depends upon the carrier that you’re with. Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers have a service within their agency if a rate goes up more than 10%. Their service team will reach out to the client and let them know, asking if they want to reach out for help.

Because they have access to so many carriers, clients can reach out as often as they want regarding their rates. However, most people don’t like doing that, as it’s kind of a pain. The option, though, is still there.

Auto Insurance Discounts

One of the discounts Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers offers is for teen drivers. For parents, this is a pain point, as they’re paying a lot in auto insurance premiums. The top saving for teen drivers is good grades—specifically a B-average or better. The other thing teen drivers can do is get a driver training discount, which most do when they get their driver’s license. If you have teen girls, your premiums are going to decrease when they’re 21. If you’ve got boys, though, you got a little bit longer; they’re going to go down at 25.

Another way that Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers can save you money is on auto insurance. But how do they shop for auto premiums for new technology features on new vehicles? By using their insurance rater. The rater looks at the VIN number of a vehicle, which tells them about most of the technology built into that model.

Through their discovery and talking to customers, they always ask if there are any technologies in the vehicle that might not pull up. This is a good idea, as brand new vehicle VIN numbers are not always loaded into their carrier systems.

In those scenarios, we always ask the customer if they have crash aversion or blind-spot warning features. These are becoming more prevalent in the newer vehicles, so it’s good to make sure that your agent knows about that technology because it can make a significant difference in your premiums.

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I hope you enjoyed learning about all the savings that Lawhorn & Moore Insurance Brokers can offer you. If you’d like more information about full coverage, high-risk liability, or anything else, make sure to contact Justin and his team today. You can find that at 1311 Chisholm Trail, Suite 403 in Round Rock, Texas. You can also visit their website for more information.

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