Are you thinking about relocating to Austin, Texas, but don’t know if it’s possible? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, we’re going to learn about the journey of one California couple who moved from Orange County to Austin. We’ll hear from Justin and Chandra on why they thought relocating wasn’t possible and how they’re enjoying the Texas lifestyle in their new home.

Making The Move

Justin and Chandra didn’t think having a house of their own was possible. The couple decided to move from California to Texas for a better life, fewer taxes, and fewer expenses. Now that Justin works virtually, he finally got the green light to make the move.

Originally, the couple didn’t think picking up and moving their lives across the country was feasible. It ended up being much easier than they thought. They were most surprised about the variety of options that fit their budget, desired specs, and bedroom count. The process was also much quicker than they imagined.

From the first week the couple came to Austin, met me, and toured some homes, they found themselves now a week away from closing just 3-4 weeks later.

Price Comparisons And Home Ownership

Chandra was very surprised at home prices here in Austin, especially coming from Orange County. There, prices are so inflated that you don’t get a lot for your money. To purchase a brand new house under $400,000 at nearly 3000 square feet on a 7000 square foot lot was a shock to her.

The couple’s California space was the size of a large condo, costing close to a million dollars. They had been renting for nearly 10 years after losing their California home during the recession. They have been trying to buy ever since, but it seemed impossible in Orange County. Making the change from renting in California to owning in Texas now saves them $900 a month.

Texas Living

With pricing so much cheaper in Texas, Chandra—like many others—wondered if there was a catch, a reason it’s so much less expensive. While there are some adjustments, like warmer summers, the overall community has so far impressed them. There are great schools, a great community, and really friendly neighbors they’ve already met. Chandra doesn’t feel like they’re giving up anything besides California weather, which to her is totally overrated for the price.

For those in a similar situation as Justin and Chandra, the pair advises writing a pro and con list. They did that as a family, with their girls helping list the good and bad of moving out of California and heading to Texas. They also learned not to be discouraged. While relocating may seem like a massive undertaking, taking things step by step is easier than you might expect. While finding a home, visiting the town, and going through the loan process seems daunting, it can go quicker than you might expect.

Help Finding The Perfect Austin Home

I was so grateful to hear that Chandra and Justin credited me with much of the ease of their move. Because I grew up in Austin and know all of the areas, I was able to use my knowledge to work with new home builders and make Chandra and Justin feel at ease. They felt comfortable as their questions about Texas were answered, which is much more helpful than just looking at houses on Zillow. It was my pleasure to act as their guide to find this family the right space to call home.

Justin, Chandra, and their family are all excited about the move. While there is always stress that comes with relocating, the process is moving along and everyone is settling in. So the next time someone tells you that you can’t relocate to Austin, Texas, don’t believe it. Justin and Chandra thought the same thing, but with the perfect balance of real estate and lending, they’re now living in one of Austin’s suburbs.

If you find yourself or know someone in a similar situation, please feel free to contact me and I just might be able to help out. I help people just like you buy real estate every day, and I would be happy to assist you. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and, for more information on Austin, Texas, check out some of my other videos or browse the website. I know you’ll love this place as much as I do.