Are you looking to buy a house but don’t know if you can afford it? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, I’m going to show you how one of my clients was able to purchase a move-in ready house on a fixed budget. We’ll talk with Luci to learn what she did to prepare for this huge financial investment and how things turned out for the best in her situation.

Preparing To Buy A House

When buying real estate, many people rush into their decisions and end up settling for less. However, Luci did things very differently. Although she didn’t think she could own a house while on a fixed budget, she patiently prepared her finances for two years to make it happen. Not only was she able to compete with multiple offer situations, she successfully closed on a mortgage to buy a house in her desired neighborhood and within her budget price.

When Luci came to Round Rock from Houston, it seemed that the housing market was different. Houston has more housing for better prices, she discovered, and the housing prices around her seemed higher. Despite her reservations, I was able to support her and help her conquer her fears of not finding a home. Luci thanked me for my patience, giving thanks to God for meeting me to help her through her situation. I, of course, was more than happy to assist.

Worth The Wait

One important thing that Luci did in her situation was to wait. She took her time to sell the houses she had in Houston, finding the right offers. This gave her more security and confidence in her decision to move to Round Rock; she would also enjoy being closer to her sons who live here. For Luci, it was worth the wait.

For those who are in the same situation, Luci’s best advice is to not lose hope.  If you want to buy a home, you must insist on it and then find the means. In her situation, it seemed that everything was against her. She had just found a job in Round Rock and had to spend 2 years working and saving little by little. With my help, we were able to find a solution and get her in the home she wanted.

By setting your sights on your goal—like buying a home—and taking things one day at a time, Luci believes that everyone can find a place to live in the right area for them.

Believe In The Possibility

The next time someone tells you that you’re not financially ready to buy a house, don’t believe it. Sometimes you need a patient mortgage broker that can guide you through your goals and help you achieve your dreams. If you find yourself in this situation—or know someone who is—please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to help!