Cookies, and cake, and frosting, oh my! Do you have a sweet tooth? Or maybe you’re in the market to get a special cake for an event more special occasion? Sugar Shaker Bakery in Cedar Park, Texas is the place for you! 

Even walking up to the shop you can see the elegant and intricately decorated cakes displayed in the window that will make your mouth water. The smell of freshly home cooked cupcakes, cookies, and many more delicious treats will welcome you in and make you never want to leave. Sugar Shaker Bakery started as just two women, Kimberely and Angie, with grandma’s recipes and artistic passion and ability and then turned into a sugar empire! Although they have grown larger, their quality has stayed the same. 

They serve everything from the traditional and 3D cakes to dessert/candy buffets. No matter how many people, whether its an intimate affair or a 5,000 guest gala, their treats will be the freshest and highest quality. Not to mention totally beautiful! This makes them perfect for any wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, or work event. 

I was lucky enough to go in to grab a taste and see the behind the scenes and it was nothing short of amazing! The concentration, accuracy, hard work, and team work of everyone makes their treats taste as perfect as they look. If you decide to visit, one thing is for sure, you will leave satisfied. With so many different options, every trip you take to Sugar Shaker Bakery will be a different experience for your tastebuds. 

Specializing in cakes, these artists go above and beyond with the decorating. Some of the work they create is unbelievable. They even made a cake in the shape of an animal with such detail in the frosting that it looked like a sculpture! Their creativity is like no other bakery in the area. If you would like to see examples of their book, or request a quote, you can head to their website Warning, you will be wow-ed and become very hungry!