Are you wondering what it’s like to live in Austin, Texas VS the burbs? What are some pros and cons? You’re probably curious how different areas are centrally located or commute times to and from work. More importantly, let’s be honest. How about the lifestyle?

Hi, I’m Maggie Luce and on this channel we talk about everything living in Austin. If you’re into this weird city, make sure you subscribe above. I’m going to walk you through the pros and cons of living in Austin, Texas VS the burbs. You can decide if you want to be an Austinite or something else.

Let’s talk about South Austin. South Austin Lady Bird Lake, town lake for those of you that don’t know, this area is all South of the river. Let’s talk about some pros. You have Zilker Park, which has several popular activities like the Kite Festival, ACL Music Festival, South by Southwest. You also have Barton Creek Greenbelt. Downtown is fairly close, which means the commute to work is tolerable. If you’re a college student, UT and Saint Edwards universities are close by. You’re centrally located to a lifestyle close to downtown, 6th Street, bars, nightclubs, food and restaurants.

Let’s talk about some of the cons. If you’d rather be farther away from the hustle and bustle than keep on looking at other areas. Average price for a house is $405,000 and high taxes.

Now, that we’ve talked about a South area of Austin, let’s talk about Northern suburb. Pflugerville is known for being stuck between a rock and a weird place. Get it? Round rock and Austin. People who live in Pflugerville are called Plugervillians. Some of the pros are Lake Pflugerville, Pfluger Park, Stony Creek Park, Typhoon Texas outdoor water park. Spirit of Texas Distillery is Pflugerville’s original distillery. The average price of a house is $273,000. Some of the cons are high taxes, traffic. If you work or play in Austin, be prepared to drive 40 minutes to an hour.

Now, we’re going to talk about another area in Austin called Silicon Hills. Silicon Hills is the nickname for the cluster of high tech companies in the Austin Metro area. You have 3M, Apple, IBM and National Instruments to name a few. Some of the pros. You’ve got pretty views of the hilly terrain and the 360 Bridge are located West side of Austin. Some of the cons. More people are moving here with high tech jobs making this area more dense in population. Also, if you prefer country living or would like more land and acreage, then the burbs is for you. Average price for a house starts at $405,000, but if you want to see any pretty views, you’ll see a higher price. High taxes is also a con.

Now, that we’ve talked about the West side of Austin, let’s talk about a Northern burb. Round Rock, Texas was once a marker of low water crossing at Brushy Creek for the cowboys herding cattle along what’s known as part of Trizon Trail. Today, Round Rock is Williamson’s County’s largest city. In recent months, Round Rock has been called the coolest suburb in America, clocked in among the country’s fastest growing cities and declared one of the best places to live. Can you tell I love this city? I suppose, I’m a little biased since the city is my home, but fear not, I will give you pros and cons living in Round Rock.

Some of the pros. You have Brushy Creek Lake Park. You have Old Settler’s Park, home for Dell and Dell Diamond baseball. We’re anticipating America’s largest waterpark resort and convention center, Kalahari Resort opening late 2020. Average price for a house is $290,000. Some of the cons: Traffic. If you work or play in Austin, be prepared to drive 40 minutes to an hour.

I hope this video gave you some insight on living in Austin versus the burbs. If you have any additional questions about Austin or any of its suburbs, give me a shout. My name is Maggie Luce with Cavalier Real Estate, an Eagle Funding Corporation. Don’t forget to subscribe above for more info on Austin. Check out more of my videos or visit my website at Thanks for watching and remember, keep Austin weird.