Did you know that Jonestown, Texas, is home to some amazing restaurants, unique stores, and a great community park? In this episode of The Perfect Balance, I’m going to be joined by Jonestown local April Skinner as we take a tour of everything this town has to offer. We’ll explore some notable hotspots in the area so you can get a good idea of what to see and do here in Jonestown.

The Lucky Rabbit

April Skinner is a Jonestown local, though she grew up in Leander. She remembers coming out to Jonestown almost every weekend as a kid to the local park, way before it was the cool place to be. Now, she’s meeting us at The Lucky Rabbit, a newer addition to the community that’s a must-see when you’re in the area.

The Lucky Rabbit is an awesome live music venue with a bar and kitchen. It’s a great gathering space to bring the community together and enjoy friends, family, and entertainment. Additionally, all types of people and music flock to this space, the perfect spot to enjoy Texas hospitality at its finest.

Feathers & Frosting

Another great spot you’ll want to check out is Feathers & Frosting, an amazing cake shop and bakery that serves up delicious treats. Sourcing local ingredients and sustainable food sources, this bakery is a favorite of April and her husband.

Some notable cake flavors include Cereal Milk—a Fruity Pebble cake infused with cereal milk—and S’More, a delicious chocolate cake topped with toasted marshmallow cream, graham crackers, and chocolate chunks. April’s husbands love the cupcakes, and their homemade Pop Tarts are something you don’t want to miss.

Lago Loaded Potatoes

The next popular Jonestown spot is Lago Loaded Potatoes, an awesome restaurant serving up spuds stuffed with unlimited meat and toppings. They also offer funnel cake fries—which make you feel like you’re a five-year-old kid at a carnival. Topped with powdered sugar, this sweet treat is the perfect dessert after a loaded potato.

While you can eat them inside or get them to go, April suggests eating them outside at the picnic tables for the best vibe. Lago Loaded Potatoes also serve a variety of delicious piña coladas in different flavors. We tried Mango, but you can also sip on Original, Watermelon, Peach, and more.

Oddinary Objects

One of the most unique shops in Jonestown is Oddinary Objects. We chatted with Izzy, one of the partners at this consignment shop. She tells us that Oddinary Objects has been in Jonestown for almost eight years, and they like to offer a collection of very unusual things.

The shop takes in local artists and offers commissions, consignments, and vendor spaces. Shoppers can find fantastic, unique items to decorate their house and yard or give as gifts. With everything from soap and candles to hardware and antique farm implements, there are plenty of oddities to choose from for any taste.

In addition to spending time at the shop, Izzy also runs a dog rescue. They have a lot of animals in the area that for some reason have gotten dumped and are in need of a good home. She’s been doing that for about 19 years on the North Shore, so if you’re looking for a new pooch or know of one in need, you can always reach out to Izzy at Oddinary Objects.

Fireman’s Park

If you want to enjoy some outdoor entertainment in Jonestown, be sure to stop at Fireman’s Park. The park hosts a lot of outdoor movies, and people bring in blankets and hang out for movie night. They also rent the space out for small weddings, events, memorial services, and more.

Additionally, there are plenty of picnics and lots of barbecues hosted at this park for Jonestown’s local fire and police departments. One of the most exciting parts about Fireman’s Park is it’s at the very top of a trail called Canyonlands Trail.

Canyonlands Trail

Canyonlands Trail is one of the reasons that sold April on her house. It was really important that she had an area to go where she could zone out and have some peace. When she came to Jonestown 8 years ago to look at her house, she walked down the street and came to Canyonlands Trail. The minute she hit the bridge, she knew she was going to buy her house.

The trail starts at the top of Fireman’s Park and continues all the way down to Jonestown Lake Park, crossing over a small street and continuing down to the waterline. It’s only a mile long one way, but April clocks two miles by the time she completes the circle back.

The area has a lot of water that her dog loves to swim in it and includes beautiful rock formations to enjoy—with one that even looks like an angel. A lot of locals come down to the pool just to stare at and enjoy her.

Visit Jonestown

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Jonestown, Texas from a local. If you’d like more information on the area, feel free to reach out and I’d be happy to help.

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